#PostYourDrafts: Bloggers’ Cafe

I wrote this post two years ago during my first ISTE, but I never finished, so it was sitting in my drafts folder.  I won’t finish it, but it was fun to go back and re-read it/re-live it, so I decided to post it. Here it is.

Hey guys, I’m at the Bloggers’ Cafe at ISTE so I might as well…blog…lol.  It’s been a while.  Hopefully I haven’t lost my mojo, but I feel like a total hypocrite for sitting here the past three days and not blogging at all.

These past three weeks have been intense, but amazing.  Hey, I asked for it, so I can’t complain.  I made a video about it here, but the quality sucks, so you may want to read this blog post about it instead.

Disclaimer: There is way too much awesomeness to cram into a regular blog post, so I’ll have to summarize.  Think of everything I write as 100x more awesome, and you may start to understand the level of awesomeness.

Brief Summary

  • June 13: Last day of school with the kids.  Lots of boo-hooing.
  • June 16: Last day with the teachers.  Lots of celebrating.
  • June 17: Flew out to Austin for iPadpalooza.
    • Hung out with totally awesome members of my PLN (TAMOMPLN) face to face.
  • June 18: Presented at iPadpalooza.
    • Hung out with TAMOMPLN.
    • Got on plane to Denver for InnEdCo.
    • Plane wouldn’t take off because it was too hot.
    • Missed shuttle to Copper Mountain.
    • Slept in airport.
  • June 19:  Changed in bathroom.  
    • Paid out the rear for private ride to Copper Mountain the next morning.  
    • Arrived to presentation 15 min before it started.
    • Connected with people.  
    • Hung out with TAMOMPLN.  Shout out to the crew for putting me on my first ever ski lift.
    • Took shuttle back to airport.
    • Caught plane to somewhere in Canada.
    • Went through customs.
    • Ran through the airport because I almost missed my connecting flight.
    • Found out the plane was late.
    • Flew to Kelowna and checked in without incident.
  • June 20: Presented at CanFlip.
    • Hung out with TAMOMPLN.
    • Rest of the day, no drama.

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